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XAware 5.1 Beta Testing Program

The XAware development team and Community have worked together to add new functionality and improved product usability. The Beta release is now available for download. Please test-drive the new features as soon as you can, and don’t miss the chance to make your mark on 5.1.

Download XAware 5.1 Beta
Sign-up as an official Beta Tester and Download XAware 5.1 Beta - click here

Why participate in XAware 5.1 Beta?

Debug, analyze and optimize XAware 5.1. We only have 30 days to make a difference, so let the bug bashing begin. Become an integral part of the XAware community through identifying bugs, optimizing the product through feature requests and providing insight on where the product should go in the future. Be the voice of the community and help us make XAware 5.1 better.

What will I need to do as a XAware 5.1 Beta Tester?

  • First, you need to be a member of the community to participate. If you haven’t registered yet, click here to join . As a member of the XAware community, you can view Advanced Tutorials, log bugs, post to the forum and more.
  • Sign up to beta test the product.
  • Download, install and configure the Beta software to meet your needs. Remember, it is open source.
  • Try to spend at least 3 hours each week testing the product during the 30 day beta testing cycle.
  • Report your experiences to the 5.1 Beta Forum. Include any problems or bugs you experienced with the product, as well as suggestions for the product’s improvement and product "wish lists."
  • Report bugs at: SourceForge Bugs
  • Submit product improvement requests at: SourceForge Tracker
  • Have fun! This is your chance to contribute and make an impact on the product.
  • The beta tester with the most bugs submitted will win a pack of exclusive XAware swag.

What’s new in the 5.1 Beta release?

  1. Improvements to the Package Assembly Tool now generate a complete query string, including the additional ability to modify input parameter values, to support thorough validation of your deployed services. XAware resource paths to XSD files can now be upgraded to HTTP references to ensure the paths work after deployment.
  2. Namespace manipulation is now supported in the XML tree design view, including the ability to add or change namespace declarations.
  3. Stored procedure support for MySQL and DB2 is enhanced to use implicit result sets and cursors. The wizard has been updated to allow you to order the parameters returned when one or more returned codes or results sets are returned.
  4. Installation options are now improved to allow you to select the components to be installed while reducing the size of the download.
  5. A new JMX BizComponent has been added as a template to Designer to support our soon-to-be-released commercial application to manage and monitor the XAware Engine. It also supports objects returned from MBeans instead of simply scalar values, giving you greater monitoring control.
  6. File BizComponents now support the ability to read and writer multi-line headers in the record files.
  7. You can now edit the BizDocument configuration to allow changing to input or output structures and apply strong typing after the BizDocument is initially designed.
  8. Parameter definition history is now managed so it can be used across BizView files, thus speeding development. The ability to configure the number of saved definitions is included.
Note: The Salesforce BizComponent is delivered as an XAware add-on, which requires a separate download. Click here for download instructions.

Additional Product Improvements

  • Improvements to BizComponent wizard screens to ensure correct XPaths after mapping mean less editing after the BizComponent is designed.
  • The BizDocument wizard now supports selecting the BizComponent wizard to be started, for faster service creation and delivery.
  • A change was made to the xa:classname instruction to bring it into naming compliance as xa:class_name. Note: this change is not backward compatible, so you must update your Java BizComponents.
  • To designate execution status of BizDocuments, a new result code has been introduced. The new script instruction, xa:set_result in the error handler, ensures that the status of a BizDocument's execution is returned to the parent document.
  • Validation of input and response XML against a specified schema is now supported at design time and when executing a service. In addition, validation of inbound XML at design time and run-time now works using an XAware resource path.
  • SNMP has been added to support the soon-to-be-released commercial release and general statistics.
  • Some fixes have been made to logging in the Designer and Engine environments. See the wiki discussing how to make the most out of logging for some useful instructions.

Making it Easier to Get Started with XAware

For new users, a starter project has been added – it will appear upon initial install and loads a set of services you can immediately execute using the sample databases. New examples have been added to demonstrate features including:

  • pruning nodes to minimize the memory footprint during execution
  • implementing an XML-based look up translation table
  • converting multi-formatted data records into in-memory XML

In addition, the tutorials have been reproduced with voice for more complete demonstrations to maximize your investment in time, and the wikis on have been improved with new topics and more detail for existing topics.

"It used to take 4 months to code our Java-based services and deliver a robust data service.  With XAware, the first took 6 weeks, and we now deliver similar services in a 2 week period."

 ~ Rick Verhoeve, Project Manager, AXA Canada

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