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Development Status

The XAware project uses an Agile Software methodology built around Scrum and 2 week iterations or code sprints. Our development community works off of a backlog of stories (features, bugs, small bits of functionality, documents, interoperability tests, etc) with a goal of keeping the system as close to fully functional as possible at all times.

Tested software is classified as either Stable, Beta, or GA. Stable builds include many passing unit and system tests but are feature deficient and not exhaustibly tested. Beta builds are features complete, document complete, and undergoing additional system level and field testing. GA software is fully tested, documented, and released for use in production environments.

Iteration Planning: Please take a look at the Development Forum to view and participate in discussions about the next iteration.

XAware GA Release

Released June 15, 2009 - SVN build

  • This Generally Available (GA) release includes the following improved and new features:
  • Automatic file reference updates when you Move or Rename BizView files.
  • A new service editor for reading and writing binary, text, and XML using the File BizComponent has been implemented. New line-terminated records are now  better supported in the File Service editor.
  • The servlet and command line processor now generate JSON-formatted data when requested (_OUTPUT_TYPE=json). JSON input is also supported in Designer wizards and an XML/JSON converter is implemented in the Tools menu.
  • Oracle CLOBs can now be handled with SQL and Stored Procedure BizComponents.
  • The optional extension is now delivered as an instruction (xa:optional) and   supported in the BizDocument wizard screens. While every effort was made to   implement the same behavior, some differences may exist. XAware recommends reviewing the examples and help and migrating any implemented optional   extensions to the new instruction.
  • Full support of SOAP headers, including editing, adding, and deleting has been added to the SOAP wizard.
  • BLOBs can now be handled with SQL and Stored Procedure  BizComponents, and CLOB support for MySQL has been added.
  • The Salesforce wizard has been overhauled with this release; including support for joins and more. This BizComponent will no longer return unsubstituted values for valid fields if no data is returned for those fields from Salesforce. We also abandoned the use of  the frag sets in Salesforce where clauses. This change is supported by the wizard, so if you have existing Salesforce BizComponents that use the frag set, edit those BizComponents through the wizard to clear them.
  • Improvements to SQL processing include detection for insert and update operations (xa:oper="insert", xa:oper="update", xa:oper="insert_update") to determine which  inbound elements are present and only including insert or update statement fragments  for those columns corresponding to elements being passed in. In addition, a new pass through mode ensures that SQL can be passed directly to the database without intervention by the XAware engine (except for the expected substitutions). Prepared statements are not used in this new mode and it must be set manually.
  • Changes to the HTTP Connector include all header variables saved as session variables available in the BizDocument using the normal variable syntax. Previously, only select header variables were available. Now, $xavar:host$ provides the value of the HTTP header variable "host". The variables are read-only. To aid diagnostics, all session variables can be dumped out using a new XA-Script command, xa:show_session_variables. For example:  <vars xa:show_session_variables=""/> in a BizDocument will dump all session variables as individual elements for viewing, and <vars show_session_variables="http.*"/> will dump variables with names beginning with 'http'. The optional attribute is treated as a regular  expression used to match variable names.
  • Improvements have been implemented for the prediction displayed in the Outline View for all BizComponent types.
  • A new looping construct has been added to support looping (xa:loop).
  • The startup sequence has been modified to guide users through options and pre-load examples.
  • To insert empty or null values into a database, you can use xa:empty or xa:null as the xa:default value.
  • To insert database functions, you can use the function in the column map  with the xa:default="literal" attribute applied to that element.
  • New BizComponent icons have been implemented across the Designer interface.
  • A new composite instruction xa:if/xa:elseif/xa:else has been implemented and  is available in the Palette as a snippet.
  • To allow access to the root BizDocument session element, or to the root of the original input XML, a new axis is implemented: xa-root.
  • Support for non transactional databases has been implemented through a new BizDriver parameter, xa:transactional="no".
  • Updates to the wiki content supporting command line BizDocument execution.
  • Users are now presented with a list of examples to be loaded upon startup.

Important Notes:

  • XAware has made a change to the delivered Tomcat installation to direct STDOUT messages to appear in the console, similar to the  JBoss instance available with the installers. If you use your own Tomcat installation, you may want to duplicate the changes we've  implemented, which are described in the XAware wikis.

Backward Compatibility:

  • We corrected the spelling of a JDBC element: xa:defaultAutoCommit.  If you have used this parameter in your JDBC BizDrivers, please update it now.
  • We abandoned the use of the frag set with Salesforce BizComponents,   so you'll want to edit your existing Salesforce BizComponents using the wizard to clear those.
  • The optional extension is now delivered as an instruction, so if you have any services that implement that instruction, you'll want to update them accordingly.

Defects and Workarounds:

  • Selecting Cancel on a SQL wizard causes the application to crash (1874924).
  • This issue is on Linux only, and it was verified in SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10;  however, the stack trace indicates the problem is in the gtk code, which is part of the gnome desktop. This problem is not with XAware, and using SUSE 10 with gde 2.12.2 or Fedora 9 with gde 2.22.3 works just fine.
  • Selecting Finish causes crash (2490537). This issue is with Linux only, and the stack trace indicates the problem is in the gtk code, which is part of the gnome desktop. This problem is not with XAware, and using SUSE 10 with gde 2.12.2 or Fedora 9 with gde 2.22.3 works just fine. An upgrade to SUSE 11.1, which has gde 2.24 also eliminates the problem.
  • Installing the Salesforce plug-in over an existing open source workspace in Windows does not allow the install to remove existing plug-in jar files. As a workaround, you can close Designer and remove the old dynamic/jars from the directory and restart. Because Salesforce has changed significantly with this release, it's recommended to start with a fresh workspace and a new install.

Fixed Defects:

Current and fixed defects can be reviewed by logging into the XAware project on

The following defects have been fixed in this release:

2629720    Exception while moving multiple BizViews
2105709    Issue with copy rights info in About XA-Designer window
1913682    Usability - BizComp is closed after creating
1978238    Ex Profile displaying 2 types under the BizComp
1979433    Last value is returned as an un-substituted variable
1913103    Editing the Target wipes out mapper properties
1949909    Tracer display fails on CopyBook BizComp
2604667    Formatting issue in XML view
2637006    IllegalArgumentException on clicking cancel button inSetXM
2636959    Null Pointer exception on creating service thru XA Service
2657243    Exception while creating service if user selects different p
2682954    Service Wizard breaks without Starter Project
2001172    shutdownSever.bat calls out the wrong path, jdk150
2794336    Issue with xa:remove functionality in server side
2736500    Issue with Sql Service Wizard
2664980    Issue with default text file created with service wizard
2657171    Issue with move after rename bizview contains absolute path
2705992    Issue with jboss server
2706244    Issue with Children Thread
2525145    There are now six LF after each returned element.
2595592    Drag n Drop of Functoid from palette is broken
2795277    Right click options differ in XML and JSON content in tool.
2800704    Pinning open Palette drawers does not keep drawer open
2787562    SF manual query fails on WHERE clause
2718870    set XML Path window with SF bizComp
2712039    BizDoc outline vies with SF bizComp
2800571    Logo in Help  About is old
2707237    SOAP Wizard fails on WSDL (with xs:any element)
2790278    Manual removal of conf files when update Salesforce
2784441    xa:defaultAutoCommit not in list and incorrectly spelled
2609215    Source tree is not in sync with SQL Statement in SQL Service
2689039    Nested functoid failure
2791468    SQL not equal (<>) criteria fails
2793211    Issue wth output encoding
2389550    jar's are not allowed to add while creating BizCom using exi
2641878    target columns and mappings wiped out in edit service bizvie
2641954    Issue with save option in Map data tab
2613449    Error: The Content already has an existing parent document
2612491    Refresh issue in outline view related to Bizdoc
2726533    Issue with editing SOAP response headers
2726547    Issue with editing soap bizcomp contain header information
2685284    Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V not working
2689067    Apply Functoid dialog fails to resolve lookup resource path
2785167    Refactor failed to rename BizDoc
2776876    XMLMapper Wizard does not allow XPath predicate in xa:map_ma
2619625    Issue in SQL insert/update, update wizard
2631507    SP Bizcomp not supporting Oracle DATE/TIMESTAMP correctly
2128402    Issue related to Default File Name for LDAP Search
2641926    Issue in map data tab in service editor
2093182    Issue when text entered in single line for comments dialog
2609112    Error message is displaying where it should not displayed.
1886871    on_soap_fault attribute is set to a blank issue
1960335    Seaching in the log view in designer is inop
1913680    XMLMapper - refresh window / user operation waiting window
2012716    Copy book BizComp ExecutioArray Index out of bound exception
2563570    xa:input_type_attribute is not generated for make bizdoc fr
2799407    Tool Tip is not displaying in setxml path tool for root bizd
2531145    Issue with import operation parameters in SOAP
2797274    Issue with XML population in map request of salesforce
2727842    Issue with File Read XML on deleting XML file
2438408    Issue with auto-generate button in jms send BizComp
2798422    Issue with editing SQLServer2005 Storedprocedure
2585266    Issue with editing soap when multiple services exists inwsdl
2021475    Default Namespace is displayed in Additional NameSpace Decla
2012523    Tracer View is not pointing to current execution element
2305147    issue related to binding of LoadInput command in tracer
2319665    Refresh issue when project is closed in Project Navigator
2800409    Unable to copy error stack trace from error dailog
2619563    Issue in logical view
2051673    MF Several Pic clauses cause error when doing a field edit.
2802757    ColumnName is truncated while editing salesforce BizView
1827132    xa:boundary attribute issue
1982735    Cannot select elements with namespaces in Path Tool
2803721    Installing Salesforce leaves old .jars in dynamic
1916739    JMX console issue
2095823    Copybook converters are not configurable for wizards
2803845    Service Editor generates recursive call
2128192    Issue related to invalid attribute in LDAP Delete
2128381    Issue related to xa:request_type in LDAP Templates
2800792    PAT no longer allows adding jar (or zip) file
2562474    Batch Mode does not substitute frag_set values correctly
2494212    Attributes and elements are missing from userconfig colors l
2569126    Set XML Path... incorrect for SQL BC results
2633817    Salesforce on TOMCAT - servlet XAServlet threw exception
2568861    Issue with starting jboss server in linux
2678080    Exception while executing copybook example
2666272    xa:batch when used on SQL does not operate like xa:sql_batch
2584761    Find mapped Elements is not working on editing the target
2645840    Oracle CLOB fails
2574299    Data Source Explorer - connect with oracle10g returns error
2722134    Contextually correct help not appearing for File Service wiz
2636883    Issue with edit input parameter in service wizard
2738197    SOAP Wizard fails when there are 2 opers with the same name
2346954    bin\BizDoc.cmd help is incorrect
2592766    Auto Map is not working correctly In MultiFormat
2592147    Issue with editing the source in copybook after mappings
2563336    Issue with right click options after drag n drop
2665005    Issue with creating sql service
2799385    Exception is logged to errorlog for every BizComp creation
2797306    Issue with displaying of path button in sql service editor
2792054    Issue with Outsteaming when swith case is applied in bizdocB
2787898    Unable to read http connector Host and Port default paramete
2792383    Issue with select clob data insert from file in servlet mode
2770220    Issuw with accessing BizComp result from outside the xa:loop
2727839    Issue with File write XML service wizard
2727839    Service Wizard/Editor doesn't work in subfolders
2727839    Refresh issue in outline view when bizcomp is edited through
2727839    Issue with Export execute Result
2727839    xa:producer in help references MQ BizComp
2727839    BizFile (and XML Bizview) not pretty printed
2727839    Issue with execution of BizView contain parent to multiple c
2727839    Issue with delete salesforce BizView execution
2727839    SQL Automation testcases failing with syntax error.
2727839    Issue wiht outline display on selecting bizcomp

Recent post history:

XAware 5.3 GA
Released February 17, 2009 - SVN build

We're pleased to present XAware 5.3 GA, which is currently delivered with the following new features and updates:
  • An improved Salesforce BizComponent wizard to support batches for inserts and selects.
  • An updated BizDocument wizard to create services from WSDLs as another way to implement contract-first design methods. 
  • A server-only install outside the install4j line of installers.
  • Support for aliases on BizView files, to allow user-friendly names of services.
  • The Project Navigator now opens with a logical project view, allowing easy navigation of BizView file dependencies.
  • The Project Navigator now opens with a logical view, showing the call hierarchy of XAware components and allowing easy navigation of BizView files.
  • Updated install scripts to automatically define the classpath based on JARs. 
  • Salesforce joins are now supported using manual modifications to the request. Instructions and examples are included in the Designer Help.
Note: Recent changes to the Salesforce BizComponent request and response elements are not backward compatible. We recommend using the Edit BizComponent feature to update any Salesforce BizComponents you have in your current services.
Defects and Workarounds
  • Selecting Cancel on a SQL wizard causes the application to crash (1874924). This issue is on Linux only, and it was verified in SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10; however, the stack trace indicates the problem is in the gtk code, which is part of the gnome desktop. This problem is not with XAware, and using SUSE 10 with gde 2.12.2 or Fedora 9 with gde 2.22.3 works just fine.
  • Selecting Finish causes crash (2490537). This issue is with Linux only, and the stack trace indicates the problem is in the gtk code, which is part of the gnome desktop. This problem is not with XAware, and using SUSE 10 with gde 2.12.2 or Fedora 9 with gde 2.22.3 works just fine. An upgrade to SUSE 11.1, which has gde 2.24 also eliminates the problem.
In addition, you'll find the following updates on
  • Updated wikis for deploying instructions.
  • Updated FAQs
Current Bug Count:
Open - 155
Closed - 541
Total - 696

XAware 5.2 is GA
 Released December 12, 2008 - SVN build

XAware Designer has been upgraded to work as a plug-in into Eclipse 3.4.1. The Designer plug-in is now delivered with the following features:

  • A new way to create Data Services, called "data-first design" has been introduced, using the Eclipse Data Source Explorer (DSE) as the starting point.  This flow is most useful for users that don't have a specific XML format they are trying to conform to, but just want to expose data as XML.
  • The Data Source Explorer supports building BizDocuments from connection profiles and BizComponents from connection profiles or individual database tables.
  • Existing XAware BizDrivers are imported into the DSE, letting you connect to and view database catalogs and tables.
  • To make the learning process go quickly, we've implemented a new service view wizard – available at startup – to make it easy to build and test a simple service using your own database or one of ours.
  • A new Outline view has been added to show predicted results for components, making it easier to predict the data to be returned without having to run the BizView. See a quick video of this feature here .
  • The tree view (in the Design tab) now supports search functions, which is especially useful in long documents.
  • Users can limit the number of records returned from a request at run-time in Designer. See a quick video tip here .
  • Results for HTTP put and delete actions now appear in the Test tab of the Package Assembly Tool.
  • Designer now starts with 1GB memory.
  • The supporting help system now includes an index, a feedback option, and improved look and feel along with updated supporting content for all new features.


XAware 5.1 is GA

Released August 5, 2008 - SVN Build 5.1.491

This release includes the following improved and new features:

  • Support for implicit result sets and cursors has been added to the MySQL and DB2 Stored Procedure feature, including the ability to describe and order the parameters returned from a database even when result sets are not indicated.
  • Namespace manipulation is now supported in the XML tree, including the ability to add, modify, or delete namespace declarations on any element or remove the declaration from the JDOM structure.
  • Daily builds have been implemented, so you can get a new, updated build anytime. An automatic install check has also been implemented to let you know when new updates are available (Stable and GA release). The options can be controlled by selecting Windows|Preferences).
  • The BizDocument wizard now includes new features allowing you to speed quickly through the steps to create a service and then validate input XML against a defined schema. Plus, you can now designate the execution status of BizDocuments using a new script instruction called xa:set_result (not backward compatible). See the XAware Script Reference in the Help for more information.
  • Header awareness has been added to File BizComponents, along with the ability to 'shred' inbound XML or delimited files into multiple target files. Also, the wizard now automatically detects the number of fields and separator character.
  • To speed service development, Designer now saves the history of parameter definitions so they can be reused across files and sessions. You can customize the number of saved definitions by selecting Window|Preferences.
  • JMS support for text messages has been improved to escape special characters and allow for more message types (map, text, or XML).
  • The Engine logging has been improved to ensure the highest possible performance, and to add support for managing and monitoring deployed BizView services using JMX.
  • The wiki has been updated with new use cases, instructions to send log messages to databases, a connector reference, and more.
  • The examples have been updated with a new starter project, schema validation examples, examples demonstrating the handling nested and repeated elements in XML Mapping BizComponents, and more.
  • The tutorials have been improved to add voice and include more detail.
Current bug count
Open:   124
Closed: 307
Total:   431

XAware 5.0.1 is GA

Released March 19th, 2008  SVN Build 5.0.965
In addition to some background work to support upcoming features this release includes the following:

  • The XML Mapping BizComponent wizards now support target namespaces and nested maps, which means you can map multiple sets of repeating child elements into new XML structures. (Sourceforge feature request  891515) New examples demonstrate nested maps (select File|New|BizComponents|XML Mapping examples). In addition, the mappings under elements with and without xa:map now follow the correct usage of the xa-results:: axis and ensure that the name of the element identified in the xa:map_match (or the root element of the source if there is no xa:map) is not included. This resulted in incorrect mappings, which had to be manually edited by the user.
  • The JMS BizComponent wizard was updated to repair some defects (1911154) with clicking Next and switching between selected BizDrivers.
  • Namespaces now appear in the tree views in the Designer.  
  • The use of triple-click or a slow double click to edit element and attribute values is improved with the addition of a single click with a press of F2. You can now edit node values using this method as well.
  • Currently, we have 78 open and 215 closed closed defects.
XAware 5.1 Beta
Released June 27th, 2008 - SVN Build 5.1.423

In this latest release, you will find these new features: A new installer that lets you select components while reducing the overall download size. XSD references are now managed more efficiently within Designer and at Package/Deploy time to maintain paths that work without manual changes. When new BizComponents are added as plug-ins, those are made available in the Palette. The File BizComponent how uses field names or paths into the return structure instead of indexes when mapping. (Backward compatibility is maintained, so indexes in previously built BizComponents will work. It is recommended that you re-build those BizComponents when you can.) You can now limit the number of records that are retrieved during design-time execution. The default is 100, but this is configurable as well. The Starter project now includes a script to start the example Derby server and database. The BizComponent Developers guide has been added to the wiki at, along with the instructions to install the Salesforce plug-in. Known issues:

The following are not executing correctly:
  • Starter project insert (fix checked in for next build)
  • HTTP BizComponent with xa:encode (defect reported)
  • PreProcess (fix checked in for next build)
  • Transaction management's explicit transactions (working fix now)

Current bug count: Open 93 Closed 283 Total 376

XAware 5.1.335 Stable
Released June 10th 2008 - SVN Build 5.1.335

A change was made to bring the xa:classname instruction into naming compliance as xa:class_name within the Java BizComponent. This change is not backward compatible, so if you have implemented Java BizComponents, please make this update.
The initial implementation of header-aware File BizComponents is delivered, and additional customer-requested improvements will be coming soon.

Some fixes to the logging on the Engine have been implemented. To get the best performance out of logging, you can try one of these options:

  • if you don't care to see any errors, you can set all xa:Activated attributes to "false" in the engine.home/conf.LogHandlersConfig.xml file
  • if you do want severe errors logged to a file, set the log level to SEVERE and leave the logging to a file option activated in the engine.home/conf.LogHandlersConfig.xml file
To accommodate more general paths to XSDs, we implemented a change to convert those XAware resource paths to HTTP references at packaging time. Plus, you can now edit the schema information for your BizDocuments now by opening the BizDocument and selecting from the Edit menu.

The Salesforce plug-in has been updated to include the XAware Engine requirements.

To speed the development of new services, Designer now saves the history of parameter definitions, so they can be reused across BizView files and Designer sessions. The last ten are saved by default, but you can modify the configuration to save more or fewer.

The automation test suite was updated with 8 new tests for new features, and with 33 updated tests to accommodate the changed functionality.
In an effort to provide more fully featured tutorials, we've begun reworking those. You can see those now at
We've also done a lot of work on the installer to give you greater control over the size of the installation and the components that are installed. The new installer will be delivered with the next iteration.
The current defect count is:
Open:   102
Closed: 233
Total:    335

XAware 5.1.189 Stable
Released April 30st 2008 - SVN Build 5.1.189

The Salesforce BizComponent is now delivered as an XAware add-on. For all-in-one installers, this means you will use the Eclipse update manager to download and install this separate plug-in; for XAware plug-in installers, you can get the updated XAware plug-in and add the Salesforce add-on at the same time. Instructions to install the add-on are the same as installing a plug-in.
A new JMX BizComponent has been added as a template to the XAware Designer. This BizComponent lets you implement management interfaces for Java applications. It will be used as part of our soon-to-be-released commercial application to manage and monitor the XAware Engine that services client requests with deployed web services.
Some new examples demonstrating features not previously described have been added in this iteration, including:

  •   pruning nodes to minimize the memory footprint during execution
  •   implementing an XML-based lookup translation table (the XAware wiki is also updated with the instructions to implement an XML lookup table)
  •   converting multi-formatted data records to in-memory XML using the new xa:source_type attribute in the Multi-Format BizComponent.
Defect Management:
Open - 85
Closed - 203
Total – 288

XAware 5.1.153 Stable
Released April 15th, 2008 - SVN build 5.1.153
This stable release is focused on more background work to support upcoming features like wizard extension points and a new Management Console with SNMP monitoring. Loads of bugs were fixed in this iteration for a grand total of 91 open and 179 fixed. In addition check out these features:

  • JMX console statistics were implemented to show statistics on deployed BizDocuments, BizComponent, and connectors.
  • Stored procedure BizComponents were tested with MySQL and DB2 stored procedures and performed very well (try those when you have a minute).
Our developers have been traveling all over the place this iteration - MuleCon, CITCON ... well, you get the idea. They've been busy.

Downloads are available at
Don't forget, you can get updated stable builds via the plugin anytime at too.

XAware 5.1.126 Stable
Released April 1st (no foolin') 2008 - SVN Build 5.1.126

This stable release is primarily focused on improvements to existing features and background work (which you won't see yet) to support future development. Specifically, this release includes:

  • Enhancements to the Stored Procedure BizComponent for some reported defects
  • New samples supporting nested and repeating elements in XML Mapping BizComponents
  • New File BizComponent tutorial was added to to demonstrate working with flat files
  • Currently, there are 84 open and 168 closed defects

XAware 5.0 GA (General Availability) - Build # 5.0.938
Released February 15th, 2008  SVN Build 5.0.938
While our last iteration of development has been focused on regression testing, the following summarizes the updates included in this release. 

  • A new Salesforce BizComponent to perform create, read, update, and delete operations
  • A JUnit test suite is not delivered to support user smoke tests, which invokes test suites that run outside the XAware network
  • Support for HTTP put and delete operations
  • New examples for XPath, functoids with escaped characters, SQL update requests (a unique XAware feature!) and HTTP put operations
  • Information on how to contribute to the project has been added to the wiki

  Daily builds are now supported from our downloads page.

The next iteration starts on 2/20 and will complete 2/29. See Roadmap
for a list of activities.

XAware 5.0 RC3 - Build # 5.0.935
Released February 11th, 2008 - SVN 5.0.935

As we push strongly toward a GA release, the focus of this 1-week iteration was bug fixing prior to freezing development for regression testing next week. This build of XAware 5.0 includes the following updates:

  • The result of all our bug-fixing is that we have fixed 15 bugs, and 12 new bugs have been reported. We'll be working on the list again next week.
  • We've incorporated some changes to the web site in response to feedback from our Beta program as well.
  • We've incorporated new SOAP tests into the automated suite and completed the HTTP put and delete request testing.
  • The Salesforce BizComponent is now fully supported with context-sensitive help, XAware Script Reference updates, and instructions. If you are using, or will use, this BizComponent, please use the help system for information.
The source for this release remains isolated in the branch to keep it away from continued development on the main trunk. 

XAware 5.0 RC2 - Build # 5.0.916
Released February 4th, 2008 - SVN 5.0.# 5.0.916
This build of XAware 5.0 includes the following updates:
A Salesforce BizComponent that can perform basic CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) operations on Salesforce databases has been implemented. The new feature includes a wizard for building the BizComponents, and server support for deployed applications. Examples are also included for your review with expected results, and a Salesforce tutorial can be found here.
A JUnit test suite is now delivered as a smoke test for users. The suite invokes other test suites known to be safe to run outside the XAware network.
Loads of testing has been completed in this iteration with the result that 39 bugs have been fixed and 31 new bugs have been reported.
New examples have been added for XPath, functoids with escaped characters, and HTTP put operations.
Our Beta program is now in full swing, with users contributing their feedback and test cases in the Beta Program Forum. Head on over there, and check it out!
This release is designated our second Release Candidate and after this we will freeze enhancements and start regression testing. The source has been branched to isolate it from the continued development on the main trunk.

Release Candidate 1 – Build 5.0.871
Released January 18th, 2008 - SVN Build 5.0.871

Release Candidate 1 includes updates to the Multi-Format BizComponent to support regular expressions and the ability to ignore unmatched records, which means that your Multi-Format BizComponents can now more precisely target the fields you want to convert to XML without having to convert all fields. BizDrivers, and their wizards, now support the use of input XML, input parameters (including parameterized values to allow a run-time connection to the database), and functoids. Enhancements to functoids now include the ability to edit functoids and the ability to apply functoids to substrings in fields. When necessary, you can also escape characters in your functoids to ensure accurate processing. Functionality for additional HTTP Verbs in support of REST is being prototyped in the HTTP BizComponents and should be available very soon. The instructions to deploy the XAware WAR and EAR on various web and application servers have been removed from the PDF documentation set and are now available in the wikis. Finally, 13 new bugs were opened and 22 were fixed and closed.

Beta 2 – Build 5.0.818
Released December 21st, 2007, SVN Build 5.0.818

Beta 2 includes the ability to specify that child BizDocs and child BizComps should be run in separate threads, additional Bug Fixing, documentation of how to obtain and configure Eclipse with our plugin resulting in a download option around 200 Mb and enhanced documentation for ways to get started using XAware and a feature list of functionality in XAware 5. QA reports that 7 bugs were opened and 14 have closed and all other known issues are in the SourceForge Tracker.

Beta 5.0
Released December 12th, 2007. SVN Build 5.0.797

Beta 5.0 includes the addition of the FTP BizComponent. The JMS BizComponent has been updated to handle send and receive actions in the same document. Default error handlers were updated to provide additional stack information. New example use cases have been added and documented. Performance has also been improved in many areas including the SQL BizComponent. QA retested all external Doc/Lit SOAP tests and the namespace issue has been resolved. Since the last Stable build, 30 bugs have been opened and 38 have been closed. All known issues are open in SourceForge Tracker.

Stable build 5.0.759
Released November 26th, 2007. SVN Build 5.0.759

We expect the official Release 5 beta to be ready mid-Decemember. QA reports 1121 system level automated tests passed as well as hundreds of unit tests and manual regression tests. Several important SOAP bugs were fixed, so if you are generating or consuming web services over SOAP, we strongly recommend upgrading. Besides 31 closed defects, this release includes support for LDAP BizComponent and SMTP BizComponent.

XAware 5.0.722 Stable is now available
Released on November 7th, 2007. SVN Build 5.0.722

XAware 5.0.722 is an important release for this project. It is reflects the completion of our current iteration and the delivery of important functionality including JMS, SOAP, JTA transactions, HTTP, several processing instructions, and numerous updates to the help system and the examples. Please see the tracker on the forge for bug reports. There are several issues on the SOAP BizComponent in particular that are being addressed at a top priority. Overall, this release is more about feature delivery than rock solid stability. Over the next month the development community will shift focus from new feature development to bug fixing and performance optimization.

XAware 5.0.714 Stable is now available
Released on November 5, 2007. SVN Build 5.0.714

Finally the project is open! The development community will finish the current iteration on 11/6 and post the next stable build today or tomorrow. As of last night the QA guys have over 1000 automated system tests running successfully and we have run through almost a week of end to end use case-based testing. The bug tracker is currently being migrated to a new platform. It should be ready on 11/6.



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