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sandboxelectronic data interchangeedifactEclipse 1 Jul 2008 4:40 AM
EDIFACT Support XAware Sandbox Project requirements and design by danga Comment (1)

A few weeks ago I wrote about the missing support for EDIFACT and derived standards in Open Source XML-based Transformation Tools such as XAware and Chainbuilder. 

The goal was to get the people behind these communities motivated to provide the means and tools for managing Community projects. One of these will of course be the development of EDIFACT functionality.

Meanwhile t

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electronic data interchangeedifactEclipsedata mapper 30 Jun 2008 11:31 PM
Transformation of EDIFACT messages using Open Source tools by danga Comment (0)

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UN/ECE started in the mid' 80 with the development of the UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) standaard for EDI. In 1988 the UN/EDIFACT standaard has been adopted by the International Organisatio

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XAwareedifact 23 Jun 2008 8:14 PM
EDIFACT Community Project - Help! by billm Comment (0)
Would you like to help add EDIFACT functionality to XAware?
XAware community member danga is launching a project to add UN/EDIFACT capability to the XAware Open Source Data Services middleware platform. To support this community project, we have created a CVS code repository, appropriately, "

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electronic data interchangeedifact 13 Jun 2008 1:22 AM
Short description of the UN/EDIFACT message structure by danga Comment (1)

Extending Open Source tools with functionality for defining and executing message transformations from EDIFACT to other standards and back requires a good understanding of the UN/EDIFACT Standard.

Hereafter I will briefly explain the UN/EDIFACT standard and discuss the following topics:
- the different elements of the structure
- a description of the structure
- the po

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