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XAwareSOAROIOpen Source 7 Sep 2007 4:56 PM
Guerilla SOA - I like it! by billm

I ran across this in the Software News Summary

“Guerilla SOA” became the latest need-to-know bit of software business jargon. Promoted by Jim Webber of ThoughtWorks, Guerilla SOA is the idea of a “well-targeted, lightweight engagements to address specific businessproblems, versus the Big SOA approach promoted by many vendors.”

Turns out Joe McKendrick also covered this in his ZDnet Service Oriented Architecture blog this week, referring to an InfoQ video podcast featuring Jim Weber of ThoughWorks discussing Guerilla SOA.

The idea of tackling SOA as a series of small, incremental, and independently valuable projects is right on target. In fact, this approach is also discussed, albeit by a different name, in the paper “ROI Now Agility Later” by XAware’s founder and Chief Architect Kirstan Vandersluis.

The idea that SOA has to be tackled as a very big enterprise-wide infrastructure initiative guarantees that it will never get done in many, and perhaps most organizations. The guerrilla approach has one huge advantage - it can be done.

Bill Miller

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