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xmlSOARIAAJAX 20 Mar 2008 1:49 PM
Last Day at AJAX World by prichards
I attended various different tracks today with a variety of topics including standards, mashups and specific toolkits.

There are a dizzying array of tools and toolkits for implementing AJAX applications with one estimate of over 200 separate and often overlapping toolkits, many of which are open source.  These include full frameworks, gadgets, widgets and server & client side implementations.  I attended an introduction to using the Dojo toolkit widgets to manage forms.  Nexaweb presented an overview and examples of their framework which encompasses widget toolkits, business logic and services to build RIAs.

The OpenAjax Alliance was formed in 2006 to promote Ajax education, and interoperability between this vast array of Ajax technologies; and they now have over 100 member companies.  Standards include an OpenAjax Hub (pub-sub hub for inter-widget communication) and an OpenAjax Registry. They are currently working on enhancements to the Hub, standards for OpenAjax Metadata (IDE, widget and gadget interoperability and documentation) and Mobile Ajax initiatives.  Learn more at

I also attended an interesting presentation by Kurt Cagle from the Burton group, promoting the use of XQuery with Ajax.  He presented some common misconceptions about XML and XQuery (not everything has to be JSON!) and discussed how XQuery can be a powerful filtering mechanism as a data abstracton layer for Ajax solutions. He also touched upon the new XUF standard for the write aspect of XQuery.

The good news is that it looks like XAware can be very useful for providing composite data services within many of the frameworks or in conjunction with the toolkits used in Ajax development.

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