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XAwareMySQLData Integration 11 Mar 2008 5:34 AM
MySQL Webinar features XAware's Kirstan Vandersluis by billm

MySQL will be hosting a webinar today featuring XAware's founder and Chief Architect Kirstan Vandersluis.  To participate or view the replay visit:

Crazy Data Formats and Multiple Data Sources? Taming Your Messy Mashups


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have you been ripping your hair out trying to mix and mash multiple data sources, all of different formats, into something that actually makes sense? There's something to be said for getting all your ducks in a row, and in this session, we'll show you how to regain your sanity when it comes to a distributed, heterogeneous data environment. Trust us, we know the pain a software architect can feel when faced with combining and filtering data coming from JMS, web services, RDBMS, flat file, and various object persistence formats. Luckily, there are techniques and tools available to keep the pain to a minimum and allow you to achieve ultimate control over your environment.

XML provides an effective and robust way of representing and manipulating data that is coming from a variety of formats and sources. It has become the de-facto standard for transforming data between web-based applications and between business partners in B2B exchanges. For large enterprises, XML offers a solution to a number of problem domains. XML can enable a transparent connection between legacy and non-legacy data sources. It can transform and combine multiple data sources of differing formats, standardizing output while preserving original attribute characteristics. In short, it's an incredible tool which can be used to solve the enterprise's data mixing and mashing needs.

Kirstan Vandersluis, Chief Scientist at XAware, knows that MySQL is only one of the many data sources that developers at the MySQL conference deal with. So, in this session, he will discuss the valuable things that developers can accomplish when comprehensive XML functionality is added to MySQL. Vandersluis will cover the following topics:

  • Explain where and when XML-based transformations and aggregation techniques are appropriate and beneficial, and when they aren't!
  • How you can access, in real-time, MySQL data as XML that conforms to any XML Schema
  • How you, the developer or systems architect, can write to MySQL tables or stored procedures from high performance shredding of complex XML data
  • How to expose MySQL data through XML as Web Services (SOAP or REST) and utilize those web services within your enterprise
  • How to create data mashups by joining data from multiple relational and non-relational sources, and expose through Web Services
  • How, as a DBA or software architect, you can synchronize or exchange data between MySQL and any other enterprise data source or application
  • And finally, where XAware's open source and commercial products enable you to save time when solving your enterprise's most demanding heterogeneous data environment problems


  • Kirstan Vandersluis, Chief Scientist, XAware Inc.


Crazy Data Formats and Multiple Data Sources? Taming Your Messy Mashups web presentation.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 10:00 am PDT; 1:00 pm EDT; 17:00 GMT
The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long followed by Q&A.

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