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XAwareWS-SOAPSOAservicesRESTETLESBData Services 3 May 2008 7:58 PM
Evolutionary SOA by jpeters Comment (0)

During the evolutionary SOA session at the Denver NFJS Symposium Tour by Neal Ford, I was decidedly convinced that XAware is right on track with the XAware 5.0 open source software.


Neal describes a service as:

  • accessible from a variety of "clients" (applications or users)
  • coarse-grained, self-contained business function
  • sits idle until a

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xmlWeb 20SOARESTPOX 31 Mar 2008 6:46 AM
Web 2.0 Powered by SOA by kvandersluis Comment (0)

Mark Scrimshire blogged about attending a Ray Valdes presentation on Portals and Mashups (  The article nicely explains how Web 2.0 and SOA technologies combine to produce a new generation of portals, fed by information culled from throughout the enterprise.  The separation of concerns between Web 2.0 an

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WS-Web ServicesRESTorchestrationJava APIESBBPEL 6 Feb 2008 7:12 AM
Where's the fit? by kvandersluis Comment (0)

Prompted by a question from a business partner, I've added a section to our Frequently Asked Questions, addressing where XAware fits among other tools and technologies in the integration space. These are common questions that many wonder about, so I thought I'd post them here.  The full FAQ is located here: http://www.xaware.or

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