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WS-Web ServicesRESTorchestrationJava APIESBBPEL 6 Feb 2008 7:12 AM
Where's the fit? by kvandersluis

Prompted by a question from a business partner, I've added a section to our Frequently Asked Questions, addressing where XAware fits among other tools and technologies in the integration space. These are common questions that many wonder about, so I thought I'd post them here.  The full FAQ is located here:,com_simplefaq/Itemid,62/


What types of services does XAware let me create? WS-*/REST?

XAware lets you build services (called 'BizDocuments' in XAware terminology) which you can then expose to calling applications with a number of connector technologies. These technologies include: WS-* web services over HTTP by default, but can be configured to use any transport (e.g. messaging). XAware generates WSDL, with the following styles: Document/Literal, Document/Literal Wrapped, RPC/Literal, RPC/Encoded REST services, to be invoked using HTTP GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE. POX services (plain old XML), invoked over HTTP, JMS, EJB, command line, Java API The connector technology allows invocation of services from just about any client application in any technology. Any web service, REST, or POX enabled technology can invoke XAware services. This includes programming languages (Java or .Net based), scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP, orchstration and choreography tools, and service-enabled applications.
How does XAware relate to ESB technology?

XAware integrates very nicely with ESB technology, especially when you pass XML messages between applications connected to the ESB. XAware's strength is managing complex XML messages within distributed data environments. The more complex the XML structure, and the more data sources you need to connect to in a single request, the higher the value XAware brings. ESBs use XAware as the on-ramp to the bus - the ability to generate or process complex XML messages onto or off of the bus.

Many ESB vendors also inlcude an orchestration tool. XAware is a toolkit to create information-rich services. These services are then made available to other applications like a process orchestration layer.

How does XAware relate to process orchestration?

XAware is a technology that lets you rapidly create information-rich, XML-based services. You can view XAware as a "service factory", a way to create and manage service efficiently. Orchestration depends on available services, so orchestration technology is an ideal fit with XAware's service factory capability.
How would a company incorporate XAware technology into their product?

XAware is a good solution to provide a data access layer to another application. For an application that is deployed into many diverse environments, it is beneficial to create a data abstraction layer that can be adapted to the many deployment environments. In this scenario, XAware is the data abstraction layer that the application accesses for its data. Essentially, the application defines an XML-based API used to read/write/update/delete data. Then, XAware implements each data operation as an XML-based service. The service interface remains constant, so the application can rely on a stable view of data. But each deployment environment will have a different implementation of the service, consistent with the deployed environment's data sources. XAware is used to map the available data sources for each service.

XAware services can be deployed for direct, in-process invocation via the Java API, or networked access via SOAP, HTTP, messaging, or EJB. This gives the application developer the flexibility to architect the solution appropriate for overall performance and infrastructure considerations.


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