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XAwareOpen Source 30 Oct 2007 8:07 AM
XAware is OPEN for Business by billm Comment (1)

It seems like it has been a very long time since we first began discussing the idea of releasing XAware as a commercial open source project. Working with great partners like MySQL and JBoss , we had become converts - believers in the commercial open source model. Open source drives wider use, faster innovation, and ult

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XAwareVirtualizationSOAData Integration 9 Oct 2007 4:59 PM
What's In A Name? by billm Comment (1)

Data Virtualization, Data Abstraction, Data Integration, Data Exchange, Semantic Integration, Common Information Model, etc., etc., etc. What to call it? XAware has been struggling from the company’s very begining with finding terminology that accurately and completely describes what it is and what it does in a way that potential users (i.e. developers and archi

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XAwareSOAROIOpen Source 7 Sep 2007 4:56 PM
Guerilla SOA - I like it! by billm Comment (0)

I ran across this in the Software News Summary

“Guerilla SOA” became the latest need-to-know bit of software business jargon. Promoted by Jim Webber of ThoughtWorks, Guerilla SOA is the idea of a “well-targeted, lightweight engagements to address specific busi

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