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XAware 5.6
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The XAware project uses an Agile Software methodology built around Scrum and 3-week iterations or code sprints. Because we use Agile, you will occasionally see 1 or 2-week iterations as development cycles demand.

Roadmap for 2009

At the end of 2008 and early 2009, we delivered 5.3 as a rapid follow-up to 5.2. At a high-level, the release included updates to the Salesforce capabilities at the request of several customers. In addition, contrct-first design methods were further supported by the WSDL to BizDocument feature for users who rely on WSDL instead of XML Schemas.

We also released our first full set of commercial features with the management console and log viewer and SNMP. See the site for information and downloads.

The 5.4 release followed on June 17th and included at a high level:

  • Extending support for other scripting languages, Designer now supports JSON in addition to XML for input and output into XAware services. An XML/JSON converter tool is also
    implemented for users who are required to work with both.
  • New instructions – previously implemented with extensions – have been implemented into the product, including optional, loop, and if-elseif-else constructs giving users more design options for their services with fewer workarounds.
  • Support for non transactional databases has been implemented through a new driver parameter. In addition the ability to insert empty, null or literal values into databases has been implemented giving users more options to control their data inserts.
  • Support of joins in the Salesforce BizComp Wizard were implemented allowing for easier creation of more powerful queries.
  • Beta for Mac OS X

Roadmap for 6.0

6.0 is scheduled to be released towards the end of 2009 and currently scheduled to be included are:

*Note FR = Feature Request

Pathing Tool:

  • Selection of elements with namespaces (Bug: 1982735, FR: 1891515)
  • Selection of attribute values (FR: 1982701)
  • Context aware of what type of path should be selecting for to include bizcomp results, instreaming match select, xa:select, etc. (FR: 2643491, FR: 1827237).


  • Show nodes indicating a bizview call with the expected results under those, will require the pathing tool to understand and remove when generating a path.


  • New BizComp Editors to replace the wizards
  • Mapping screens to allow undo at multiple levels (FR: 1928254)
  • Auto-map of attributes (FR: 2688799)
  • Removal of as many dependancies on xa:designer elements as possible so that editors use the actual
  • contents of the executable portion of the bizcomp as possible.
  • Where metadata from original data source can indicate something is mandator vs. optional, offer visual cues to indicate so. (FR: 2779428)

General Designer:

  • Use OSGi to dynamically load classes so that other resources in the jar files are available.


  • Ability to specify different classes for an instruction for different releases with a default to be used. This applies to bizcomps as well giving us the ability to make changes to instruction behavior while preserving backwards compatibility.

All Bizcomps:

  • Review of consistency in behavior and change to have version 6.0 bizcomps be as consistent as possible with each other. Areas to look at: xa:return/xa:request, xa:content, file vs. multiformat consistency)

Java BizComp:

  • Addition of a classpath property (FR: 2074160)

File BizComp:

  • Quoting or escaping of field values that contain the separator character (FR: 1986762)

Multi-Format BizComp:

  • Consistency issues with File BizComp (xa:record_terminator,BizDriver usage, write capability.

XML Mapper BizComp:

  • Correct namespace handling (Bug: 1903967)

LDAP BizComp:

  • Delete return number of rows updated (FR: 2018761)

General Server capabilities:

  • Class loading from the packaged xar file (FR: 1875376)
  • Services lookup capability (FR: 1920742)
  • WSDL lookup capability

WSDL Generator:

  • Include type definitions in wsdl (FR: 2580909)

BizDoc Generator:

  • Create a bizdoc from xml (FR: 2748399)
  • Update creating from schemanav with options allowed in other flows (FR: 1899966)
  • Create BizDoc from JSON.

RIA Support:

  • Paging/caching of data support.



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